Write me, call me, send me a message from here, etc… Whatever your request/curiosity is, it is always good to talk about it.

Where am I?

You can find me in Canton Ticino (Switzerland), in Milan, Rome, Venice, Florence, but I love to travel and I can reach you wherever you want

Call, SMS, and WhatsApp

ITALIA +39 – 3513859880

SVIZZERA +41 – 793945750


I am happy to receive your calls and answer your questions, I just remind you of some rules of good manners, I am a professional not an improvised "street" with all due respect!
  • I do not answer ANONYMOUS NUMBERS;
  • If I don't answer you, it's possible that I'm with someone who has reserved my time and it's not fair to him, you just need to write to me with WhatsApp or other messaging systems and I'll call you back;
  • I do not answer calls after 10.30pm unless a telephone services session is booked;
  • My contacts are not a friend's phone, please, do not offend me and embarrass yourself with such proposals. I live, play and operate on other levels;
  • If you want to speak on the phone I have the specific service;
  • It's always good to talk to each other first and clarify whether I can be what you want or not, we are adults and hopefully with "functioning" brains!
  • You have already seen my “SPECIAL” services, you can discover them QUI
  • Read my women's blog too, I'm waiting for you QUI

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